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himcat2_edited-1 We are a small group of cats who write with our persons.

We hope you will enjoy our Cat Chats as well as our reviews, articles and advice concerning issues facing today’s indoor cats.

Since we’re feline, we have a unique perspective on what cats like us want and need.

We also have a lot to say to their persons.

That’s because with awareness comes better ways of working with cats to make their lives comfortable, exciting and interesting. We think most so called “cat problems” can be solved with the right information so that cats and their persons can get to the best solutions quickly.

For example, we have a lot of advice about one of the biggest problems plaguing cats which is use of the litter box. See our very informative article on how to avoid unnecessary litter box trouble.  Your cat will thank you.

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We also add links from other merchants from time to time as we investigate their products and the ways in which they care for their customers. However, we do not plaster ads all over the website since we do not want to have a lot of distractions that take up too much of your time and patience.

We don’t think it’s right to make your wade through a lot of junk to get to the posts, articles and vids you want.

But if you see something you like or want we have supplied links so you can get it rapidly  thanks to today’s online technology.  We think shopping should be fun and fast so you can spend more quality time with your cats.

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Felicity and the Catcream Staff