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afternoontea153873399istockedited2Review by Cat Cream Critic Opry and Kitten Expert Cat Mom

Opry: We’re not just mousing any more.  Cat Cafes’ are a growing new trend  and they are providing work opportunities for needy  unemployed shelter cats.  What do we think about this sensation which began in Japan only ten years ago?  Here’s my discussion with Cat Mom.

Cat Mom: First of all, what is a cat cafe?

Opry:  It’s a tea room or coffee house where people can go and pet cats while they enjoy coffee or tea with some desserts.

Cat Mom: So all of this started in Japan, our favorite cat country, right?

siamese5 Opry: Yes, and as we all know, the Japanese love us cats.

Cat Mom: The concept is for a person to come in and pet a cat or play with a cat.

Opry:  It is well supervised.  Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which is the first one in London, has a lot of cat behaviorists as consultants and the staff  is well trained in basic cat care.

Newest Cat Occupation: Cat Cafe’ Server

Cat Mom: What is Lady Dinah’s like?

Opry:  It is a tea room and they serve tea and desserts for people.  There are eleven resident felines that are being re-homed there.  They make up the cat staff and they provide companionship for people who need to pet them.

Cat Mom:  These are shelter cats?

Opry: Yes.  They are all cats which came from homes where their owners could no longer keep them.  They have names like Adamska, Artemis, Biscuit, Mue, Romeo and Wookie.

Cat Mom:  What are the human customers like?

Opry:  They are people who have lost cats, or can’t have them for one reason or another.  Or they can be people who love cats and want to be around them for a few minutes while they sip their tea.

Lady Dinah’s Emporium May Become the In Spot for Cat Lovers  

Cat Mom: Where is Lady Dinah’s located in London?

Opry: It’s in Shoreditch, which humans say is an exciting part of  east London.  On Bethnal Green Road.

Cat Mom: I understand their website crashed after the first few hours because there were so many bookings online.

Opry: 3000 in  four and one half hours. catinchair Cat Mom:  People must really want this, except some of the reviews, like Girl in London, are kind of mixed right now.

Opry: She said they were a little disorganized.

Cat Mom:  Well, they just opened.  Was it because of the cat staff or the people staff?

Opry: People staff, naturally.  The cats performed their duties flawlessly.

Cat Mom: Can the cat staff hide out if they’re tired of being around people?

Opry: That’s all taken care of.  There are lots of rest areas the cats can escape to.  The entire cat staff can take an hour off every afternoon.

Cat Mom: Can people bring their own cats inside?

Opry: Yes, as far as we know.

Cat Mom: What happens if the resident feline cat staff doesn’t get along with cat guests?

Opry: You’re not supposed to ask that.

Cat Mom: Ok.  Do you think these cat cafes’ will catch on in the U.S.?

Opry: There is one scheduled to open in San Francisco soon, but we’ll have to see.  The only thing probably stopping them will be health codes and such.

A Review of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – Girl in London Sun, 02 Mar 2014 16:13:43 GMT  A Review of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London’s first cat cafe. especially when compared to the laid-back cate cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam. Some of this is almost certainly due to the UK’s ridiculous health, safety, Read more …

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